Digital Leadership

Due to the changes and the way messages are delivered today, becoming a digital leader is more important than ever. YOUR message to your community needs to be relevant, timely and via the proper social channels. A digital leader will curate content and develop relationships through engagement successfully. Our goal is not to drive the number of connections but teach how to build strong relationships through engagement marketing. We believe it’s better to focus on quality experiences that build trust vs quantity of connections.

Consulting & Training

Deb Evans Consulting is dedicated to building strong digital leaders and relationships. Our goal is to assist an organization and business owners to create and grow one-on-one relationships within an organization and the local community. Our consulting, coaching and training programs create and strengthen social growth. Deb Evans Consulting conducts webinars, regional workshops and one-on-one training on the use of social technology marketing  using good content, transparency and engagement.

Social Navigation

We work closely with companies to build an audience before, during and after an event: registering an event hashtag, record interviews and actively tweet and blog to build excitement and registrations. Sharing photos, Instagram videos, live interviews and highlights of the sessions on numerous social channels in real time to create a buzz. Using apps to coordinate IRL (in real life) events such as MeetUp/TweetUp and/or team building enhances an event and/or conference and creates a social buzz.