10 Social Media Tips For Conference Attendance

Registration to attend a  conference is just the first step. If you really want to take advantage of the learning experience and relationships you will develop, follow the social marketing strategies below to spotlight your attendance and generate an awareness of your company.

Before Attendance

Review the registration list and connect with attendees social platforms. Do they have a  Twitter handle? Using Instagram? Do they have a  Facebook business page? Promote the event as you are coordinating your attendance, sessions you plan to attend, speakers you are anxious to hear and people you want to reconnect with.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Use the event hashtag.
  • Promote the speakers. Share information about the speakers and what you hope to learn. Remember to tag the speaker and include links for more information.
  • Follow the host organization. Like and share their posts to your social channels.
  • Tweet tidbits about the upcoming event and your attendance.

Fun video on the history of hashtag


During Attendance


Make your attendance about what you are learning and who you are meeting.  Not everyone can attend so capture the moments and share!

  • Live Tweet what you are learning. Remember to tag speakers.
  • Post photos to Instagram of the crowd of attendees, trade show displays, speakers, and the host city.
  • Live stream (Periscope, Meerkat, Facebook Mentions).  Give a tour of the host city.  Capture the excitement of the trade show. Conduct interviews. Live stream presentations.

After Attendance

Continue the engagement

  • Create a LinkedIn Slideshare of photos, videos and upload your presentation if you were a presenter.
  • Establish a Twitter list of attendees and speakers and engage with list members.
  • Use Storify to turn tweets, photos, and videos into stories.
IFA storify graphic

Full storify link: https://storify.com/DebCE/last-day-at-ifa2015

I always look forward to conferences and conventions and the opportunity to share the experiences. If the tips above are more than you or your team can handle, contact me!

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