2015 Challenges vs Resolutions

No resolutions for me. Two weeks into 2015 and I’ve decided to set challenges. One challenge at a time.

I’m a very public person and sharing is part of my nature. You might say, I over-share via social media. Selfies will be a favorite in 2015. This will be easy since I received a selfie stick as a holiday gift. This particular gift came with a warning. “Do not loose your privilege to use the selfie stick. I better not find you on a website of people who lost their privileges in 2015!,” said the anonymous gift-giver. I used the selfie stick cautiously  during my first 2015 presentation to the Cy Fair Women’s Network luncheon. The selfie received approval.


First 2015 Selfie

First 2015 Challenge


I want to crush breast cancer. It’s a big challenge. To do my part, I have committed to walking 39 miles over 2 days! Not only will I challenge myself to walk but I’ve agreed to raise $1,800 individually and $2,500 as a team. Yikes!

Needless to say, I need help to reach my fundraising goal and encouragement to train every day so I don’t collapse walking 39 miles! I will continue using my Charity Miles app to document my daily activity via Facebook and Twitter. I use those platforms as my accountability partners and you can help by liking or posting comments. Motivate me to do more!

Thank goodness I don’t have to manage the funds. Every dollar raised is managed and distributed by the Avon Foundation Breast Cancer Crusade. Every little bit helps and this is where I ask you for help. Please consider donating to my challenge. Visit my personal page via the link below and hit the “donate now” button. For as little as $5, you will be part of raising funds towards breast cancer research and treatment.


Should you want to walk with me, join Team DebE. The more the merrier! Seflies, fun, team building and blisters are all guaranteed!


Join Team DebE

“The longest journey begins with a single step.” 

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