3 Business Lessons From a Toddler

This week I had the pleasure of caring for my two year old grandson, Kace. Not everything on my work task list was completed but I have no complaints!

I had no allusions that I  could complete what I calendared for the week. I raised three children and for several years before entering the franchise industry I was a licensed in-home day care provider. When working with children I know to expect the unexpected. What I didn’t realize was that  I would go home with  new lessons to implement in business!

3 lessons I plan to implement:


Sit back and relax

Sit back and relax

Time is too short to let the world pass me by while I’m frantically working 24/7. I will make time to sit back, put my feet up and enjoy the moment.

New Skills

There are always new skills to learn and I enjoy new technology, social platforms and challenges. At times I become frustrated and want to give up. I’ve decided to keep calm, continue trying and once I’ve acknowledge the skill follow Kace’s lead and say “I did it” and move on to the next challenge with confidence. (Please note no child was harmed filming the pizza cutting video. Kace is using a child safe pizza cutter!)

Enjoy Life

Owning a business is hard work and it is unrealistic to expect profit at day one. I ask myself each day, “is what I have planned today going to generate revenue tomorrow?” Cold calling, blogging, consulting, training …. is time consuming, stressful  but rewarding to be my own boss. I have only myself to blame for unrealistic expectations or lack of.

There are many advantages of small business ownership. This week the biggest was the opportunity to learn from the youngest member of my family.  It may not generate the revenue I anticipated for tomorrow but it produced memories that are priceless! Next week it’s back to work.

To help you Relax (How to Relax: 24 steps), acquire new Skills (7 Ways to Learn New Skills without Spending a Dime) and Enjoy Life (How To Enjoy Life: 8 ways);  I have hyper-linked the topics  to useful tips and suggestions.

Are you a small business owner? Do you have lessons you’d like to share?

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  1. Deb Evans says:

    I learn from him every time we are together!

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