3 Reasons Why You Should Have A LinkedIn Company Page

Personal LinkedIn profiles are a must but too many business owners are missing an opportunity to showcase their business through a LinkedIn company page.

Reason #1

A LinkedIn company page showcases the entire organization and not just individuals and/or employees. Did you know that a company page is visible by default, unlike your personal profile page?

Reason #2

Share news, new services products, and team members!

Reason #3

Builds community awareness via ambassadors. Every mention your page receives (tagged) in a personal LinkedIn update, the company page owner will receive an alert. Even better, anyone viewing the mention can click on the link redirecting to your company page. More exposure!

Tip to finding company pages 

Conduct a little due diligence. Start following company pages. Like and share their updates. Need help to locate the pages? The short video below will help.Then establish your own company page.

Starting a company page is not as difficult as you might think and if you need assistance, we can help!

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