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We know that LinkedIn is a business-related social networking site where users can build their network, prospect, and search for people within a certain industry. It’s no longer a site exclusive to job searches or recruitment.  LinkedIn allows users to make recommendations of someone’s work, join and/or create groups for discussing common interests in their industries, as well as to ask and post questions.

Today, I’m working with many small business owners joining the world of digital marketing and looking for a easy step-by-step guide to build their LinkedIn profile so I’ve put together the following tips.

Making Connections:

LinkedIn widens your network by engaging with those you have networked with either IRL (in real life) or on the Web. Building connections on LinkedIn will widen your immediate network, and your second and third degree networks will expand, allowing more users to find and contact you. Having a profile and connecting with the business community can open up opportunities.

For those  starting from scratch, here is a short 3 minute video that should be helpful:

Build your profile to 100%: linkedin snip

  • Create a professional profile that represents you! LinkedIn provides suggestions to improve your profile.
  • Add a current professional photo – Please don’t skip this step! People do not want to connect to a logo.
  • List your education, current and past work experience
  • Claim your vanity URL
  • Make connections! Check your contacts from Outlook, Facebook, Twitter, etc., to see whom you know on LinkedIn. Always add a personal message to the LinkedIn connection request.
  • Add a Twitter handle – if and only if you Tweet!
  • Add keywords for your Website. “My Company” does not represent your company and those words are not searchable. Keywords are words that best describe your services and/or products.
  • Build a keyword rich summary
  • Add Skills
  • Give and ask for recommendations. Don’t be shy! Ask customers, vendors, peers to make recommendations and don’t hesitate to make recommendations. Recommendations are not automatically accepted. They require approval from the one whom you are recommending.
  • Join and participate in Group discussions
  • Use the company follow feature. What businesses do you want to connect with? You will want to follow them!
  • Link to your blog
  • Share your SlideShare presentations
  • Add your Volunteer Experience & Causes

Once your profile is complete, spend time to build your network. You have worked hard to build your profile so don’t neglect it.  Share status updates.  Link (connect) to others in your industry. Grow your network by connecting (linking) to your customers. Make recommendations, and endorse your connections.

LinkedIn is mobile friendly! Download the app to your Smartphone or tablet Personally I love the iPad app and use it as often as I do the desktop version.   LinkedIn is the largest professional network platform. Use it to build your professional identity!

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