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Happy Anniversary Social Geek Radio

I love how LinkedIn notifications fly into my mailbox for a birthday and work anniversary! Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday earlier this month and Social Geek Radio Happy 7th Anniversary.   Jack Monson, Director Digital Strategy

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Digitally Speaking, Who Is Listening

Today I had the pleasure of sitting on the other side of the microphone as a guest on Franchise Today podcast with Paul Segreto, CEO Franchise Foundry and Stan Friedman, President FRM Solutions. We discussed the importance of sharing quality

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Tips to Promoting Events via Social Media

Love this quote from a RazorSocial recent post on podcasting, “Podcasting is set to continue to grow at a rapid rate for many years to come. What YouTube is doing to TV is like what Podcasting is doing for radio. Imagine in

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Social Geek Radio 2014 Highlights

2014 was a great year for Social Geek Radio and we are ready for year 5!         Below is a slower version 🙂   Happy New Year and we hope you can join us each Wednesday 7pm

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Faux Glass, New Wearable Technology

Hosting Social Geek Radio the last four years has been a thrill. Cliche, I know, but “taking it to the next level” with co-host Jack Monson has us thinking “outside of the box” and conducting live interviews. and taking Social Geek

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My Favorite Tech and Social Media Podcasts

Do you work with Pandora playing in the background? Have you streamed radio stations from around the world? One of my favorite live radio shows comes from the Eastern Shore, 6-9 am. I am a little bias since the DJ, Matt

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The Ins and Outs of Online Giveaways

Designing and managing an online giveaway is not an easy task! AK Stout would know since she has established several in her consulting business, Saying It Social. AK has also entered MANY giveaways in the last year and invited Greg

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