Digital Leadership

DLT for CTCTWhere it all began

Deb’s social media story began in 2009 with Gini Dietrich, CEOArment Dietrich, Inc. and her team based in Chicago, IL. Arment Dietrich was the PR firm for Computer Explorers. She was serving as the President & CEO of Computer Explorers (CE).

Working closely with Gini was like working side by side with a best friend. Gina dug deep into understanding the needs of Computer Explorers and Deb’s role as president. Gina and Deb worked together o move Computer Explorers into the digital world and away from the traditional PR and marketing strategies.

Today, Arment Dietrich is a “strategic communications and online marketing firm, specializing in emerging and social media.” In 2012, Gini published Marketing in the Round with co-author Geoff Livingston. ” It’s not about social media. Or new (or old) media. It’s about results—and there’s only one way to get results. You must finally bite the bullet, tear down your silos, and integrate all your marketing and communications.”

In 2012, Deb left Computer Explorers but not franchising and opened her own consulting firm, Deb Evans Consulting, LLC. It was time to help other franchise brands and local business owners build their own digital leadership program.

 Social media is always evolving!

Social media is not static. Taking business owners into the cyber world of social technology marketing, building brand awareness and a strong brand on-line presence is exciting but not always easy. Business owners understand branding. Organizations are challenged by today’s social marketing and how to share the brand story through the various social platforms.   Deb works with professionals struggling to build an awareness of their business starting with their own digital identity.

The use of traditional marketing communications of one-way sales messages has evolved to a culture of communication that involves social platforms that pop up daily. Marketing has evolved from print advertising to clicks, live streaming, and sharing information on social platforms. Messages today are sent in seconds and received by many replacing the one-to-one message of yesterday.

Social Technology Navigation

Through speaking, consulting, coaching, and training, Deb Evans works with organizations to find ways to turn a static business into a social business. Creatively leveraging the technology and the social networks available. Training on the use of social platforms and how to connect messages with communities and navigate various social platforms brings the geek out in her! Channeling her skills as an educator and nurturer alleviate the fear of the complex cyber world.

Community Engagement

Just showing up to a conference is out-of-date! Turning a conference into a social event today consists of digitally building the audience before, during and after an event. Establishing and registering an event hashtag.  Conducting recorded interviews with presenters and actively tweeting and blogging builds excitement and registration for the event.

During the event, sharing photos,  videos and highlights of sessions on multiple social platforms (Periscope, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram …)  in real-time creates social buzz. Using apps to coordinate IRL (in real life) events such as MeetUp/TweetUp, or team building events connects and engages the community attending and increases visibility for the attendees. But … attendees attend events to learn, connect with old acquaintances, network with new contacts, and absorb information. They do not have time to regurgitate information.

Deb Evans Consulting is actively engaged in a changing market of new media outlets and technology. Deb has the tools and skills necessary to capture the essence of the conversations, quote speakers, conduct live Facebook sessions, post visual content, and build awareness digitally.


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