Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back

Do you have a bucket list? I do. In fact, I have two. One is my “Career Bucket List” and the other is my “Life Bucket List”. I’m satisfied with my career list. I have accomplished a great deal over the last few years and plan to continue stretching myself. Some of it was not very easy and often I had to push myself pass the fear.

For some reason the more I cross off my “life bucket list” the more I add! I will save that for another blog.

Career bucket list

Starting a Franchise

CFE (Certified Franchise Executive) accreditation

President of a Franchise

Speaking in Public

 Start a Consulting Business

_Become a Published Author – I’m close! Developing Peak Performing Franchisees is almost complete.

_Improve my Klout Score

_Get Listed as an Industry Expert (where? I have a few ideas but open to suggestions and the how)

Fear of failure

Fear is a very strong emotion. Fear of failure  will stop anyone in their tracks and prevent completing items on a bucket list. Last week my daughter visited us from New Jersey. She and my husband had something to cross off their bucket lists. Skydiving!

Witnessing the excitement of a first jump is amazing! Over and over again I heard “I’m crossing skydiving off my bucket list.” I met a young lady in her early 30s preparing for the jump. She said she accepted a teaching position in China and wanted to cross skydiving off her list before she left. She also told me that she has never traveled out of the country! A gentlemen probably in his mid _MG_055220s shared he has a fear of flying and thought that skydiving would cure him. He was there alone and worried that at the last-minute he would not jump. He didn’t want any of his friends to witness his possible”failure”.  All of the people suiting up were obviously fearful and very anxious about stepping into and out of the plane. But they did! I am happy to report all jumped and returned with the biggest smiles of accomplishment that I’ve ever seen.

Skydiving is NOT on either of my lists but I was so happy to witness my daughter, husband and strangers overcome their fear and complete what they set out to accomplish!

Troubles won’t melt like lemon drops

In Dale Carnegie‘s book “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living” he quotes the late Julius Rosenwald, President of Sears, Roebuck and Company:  “when you have a lemon, make lemonade.”  Carnegie suggests that wise people will not allow fear to defeat them and give up. A wise person will ask why an event happened, what lesson can be learned and how can the situation be changed by taking the lemon and making lemonade.

I know of many unhappy people in positions they want out of. I believe fear is holding them back. Fear of the unknown and/or fear of failure. Fear prevents them from applying for qualified positions or starting that business or franchise that they have dreamed of.

Go Tandem

In the franchising industry numerous opportunities with a wide range of investment levels and categories are available. The Spring/Summer 2012 Franchise Opportunities Guide includes detailed information for more than 1,100 franchises. Everything you need to know if searching for the right franchise is available in the guide or on the Website.

There is no reason to go it alone. Just like first time skydivers go tandem, buyers searching for a good franchise fit can enlist the assistance of a franchise consultant and/or firm.  Use the people search feature on LinkedIn by searching franchise executive consultant. Then take the next step by connecting and building a relationship to move forward.

Joel Libava, aka The Franchise King has written a book  Become a Franchise Owner; he has a free test that takes less than 10 minutes to determine if franchising is a right fit. I took the test myself out of curiosity. Joel has done a great job asking the right questions for those considering a franchise purchase.  Joel points out that his test is  “unscientific” but  gives you food for thought on purchasing a franchise. He told Entrepreneur magazine. “the quiz isn’t there to tell you whether you should buy a pizza restaurant or an oil-and-lube franchise. It’s there to determine if you should buy a franchise at all”.  Here is a link to his quiz:

What’s on your bucket list? Is it time to add some new challenges? Time to change your life? And keep the Japanese proverb, “fear is only as deep as the mind allows”.

Father/Daughter Success!

Father/Daughter Success!

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