#FollowFriday: Passports, Predicaments and Perk

It’s Friday and in the world of Twitter it is hashtag heaven. It is a day Twitter users go crazy making recommendations of really smart, funny and geeky people  to follow. Follow Friday started with Twitter but as you can see from my post here is now used on blogs. I did a search on Google + today and no surprise that the Follow Friday tradition has spilled over to that platform.

A former colleague and very good friend, Cyndee Perkins will retire in 21 days. Retirement  was a momentous decision. Her dedication, passion and enthusiasm for her job is indescribable and it shocked the Computer Explorers world when she made the announcement that after 20+ years she was leaving! For Cyndee, work was not only fun but therapeutic. She spent days, nights, weekends and holidays supporting franchisees. Cyndee was an extension of every franchisee business and family.

So what does a former English and French teacher, someone who has visited six of the seven continents, has lived in seven states, spent three years in Italy, trained teachers in such diverse areas as Greece and Malaysia, was a travel agent and someone who always aspired to be a writer do in retirement? The obvious of course! Write a travel blog and spend the first two months in Paris!

It is an honor to spend time with Cyndee getting her established with her own blog but the experiences are all hers and we are lucky that she will take us along for the adventure.

Subscribe to her blog here and let’s join she and husband Perk in Paris as she shares tips on travel, places to visit and things she learns about retirement. I wish the very best for Cyndee and  Perk and I am confident they will have lots predicaments to share not only of Paris but of all the wondrous trips of the future!

Perk and Cyndee Perkins

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One comment on “#FollowFriday: Passports, Predicaments and Perk
  1. Wow! You have given me a lot to live up to! I love writing my blog, and I could never have done it without you r encouragement and help! I can’t decide which adventure to post next – maybe I’ll create a poll and let readers decide on the next topic…

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