frantech2016 eventpage_0Technology and social media related topics are at the top of the list of challenges for every franchise marketing professional.

Evans is co-founder and coordinator of  FranCamp with Thomas Scott, Brand Journalist and Jack Monson, Global Director Manalto Social Media in Nashville (2011) and Atlanta (2012). In 2013, FranCamp sponsored by the International Franchise Association (IFA) and in 2014 renamed FranTech reached new heights in the Mile High City. Evans served as IFA’s  Taskforce Chair to work with a committee of franchise professionals to design the first ever franchising conference to give solutions to help franchise professionals use new technologies to grow their brand.

Why FranTech?

FranTech designed to help marketing, communications, and information technology franchise professionals navigate the maze of digital marketing and technology solutions available to franchises today. By bringing together the leading experts in cloud computing, security, mobile marketing, and lead generation the conference provides essential sessions on social media marketing.

What is FranTech?

Everyone in franchising is affected by social media and the last thing any of us needs is a speaker talking about ‘why you need to use social media’ or big picture talk about ‘social media strategy.’ What franchise professionals hunger for is simple: real, feasible steps anyone can take that will make a HUGE difference in your marketing.

If you want to educate yourself on the best of current thinking and learn the real recipes that work from the most advanced franchisors, franchisees, consultants and experts in the field of social media, this is a  conference you can’t afford to miss.

You won’t get sales pitches. You’ll walk away with  an advanced level of understanding about ALL of the pieces of a successful social media strategy.


Who Should Attend

Anyone who works in franchising. Franchisors – CEOs, COOs, VPs of Marketing and VPs of Franchise Development and Franchise Advisory Council Members. Anyone who deals with franchise sales and lead generation, anyone who handles consumer side marketing should attend. If you work in the marketing department of a franchise system, this is for you. If you own a franchise and want to learn more about how you can boost your local marketing, this is for you.

2016 Program information will be available soon but mark your calendar to meet us in Austin, October 25- 27th.

Missed FranTech 2015?

LocalBiz 360 share Insights and Reflections from the conference held in Dallas, TX

2015 Program


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