Great Customer Service Will Deliver Repeat Customers

Are you listening to your customers? Are you digitally schmoozing them or creating a memorable experience? Do you act  on what you hear? Are you delivering the type of happiness that generates a buzz?

Customer service with integrity

I arrived at a Dallas Ramada Inn, late on a Wednesday evening. I was attending the Growth Conference hosted by Entrepreneur magazine the next day at the Convention Center. It was dark, raining and just a miserable night.  I checked into my room and was preparing to go live on Social Geek Radio in just an hour.

I was surprised to receive a call from the front desk receptionist. She said a guest gave her something that was found in the parking lot. That “something” was my iPad! It was found in a puddle. The outer cloth case was soaked but thankfully the Logitech keyboard case kept the iPad dry.

yelp2Long story short, it was not easy to find who the iPad belonged to. Both the guest and the front desk receptionist  went the extra mile to return the iPad to the rightful owner. I was very impressed by their due diligence and integrity! I made sure that both were rewarded, I personally sent a note to the manager with a gift card for the manager  and I provided a Yelp review.

Customer service by listening AND responding

Over the weekend my husband and I made plans to visit our favorite local restaurant, Beaver Creek Boathouse. We are regulars. Each time we visit we learn a little more about the owners and staff. We are never disappointed with the food or service. We invited good friends to join us who had never dined there before. Knowing that the very popular mixed berry cobbler sells out, I visited Beaver Creek’s Facebook page to take a chance at a special request. Within minutes we were having an online conversation.

The cobbler was delicious, as always. The service was superb. When the owner stopped at the table to say hello she told us that cobbler was not on their menu for the day but she made it special due Beaver Creekto my Facebook request!

It’s obvious to me that everyone at Beaver Creek has their eye on excellent customer experiences. The community manager handling their Facebook page. The chef who has a true passion for cooking. The service staff who pays very close attention to our needs. The owner who visits our table and spends time getting to know the clientele.

What does your customer service look like? Are you paying attention to all the details and delivering a positive experience?

Note: This post originally appeared in January 2013 but was lost in cyberspace!

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