I Will Walk With a Friend … For a Friend

We all have a friend or family member who has experienced a serious illness. Most times we feel helpless and wish we could do more to make our loved one feel better. There are a wide range of charitable organizations that accept our contributions. But today there is a FREE fitness app, Charity Miles, that lets charities cash in while you walk, run or bike.

Who and What Started the Movement

Gene Gurkoff (Founder, CEO) is the entrepreneur and lawyer who conceived of Charity Miles.  After graduating Harvard Law School in 2004, Gene practiced corporate law for two of the world’s most respected law firms.  At the same time, Gene represented several charities pro bono and became the pro bono General Counsel to The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.  Gene also helped found Team Fox, the grassroots fundraising arm of The Michael J. Fox Foundation, which has raised over $16,000,000 for Parkinson’s research since 2006.  Gene has run in over thirty marathons and five Iron-man triathlons to raise money and awareness for Team Fox in honor of his grandfather who has Parkinson’s.

Charity Miles is self funding the initial $1 million covering the app’s first users. Gene hopes to gain as many athletes on the platform as possible, to entice future corporate sponsors. By sponsoring users’ runs and rides, the corporations have a unique way to connect with consumers.

Changing the World is a Team Sport

Gene, is correct. Change requires inspiration and a team. My inspiration to walk more or bike a little further everyday comes from a very dear friend, Roz Shafer. Her  story is very similar to many, she has leukemia. So I walk or bike each day for Roz using the Charity Miles app.

Roz Shafer

Using the Charity Miles app is easy and again it’s free. But I still didn’t feel as though I was doing enough. My Social Geek Radio Co-Host, AK Stout and I decided to coordinate an event where we could walk together in one of the greatest cities in the world and invite others to join us.

We will walk with a friend, for a friend and a charity on October 21st. Gene along with many others will join us as we open our app and contribute our steps to a charity.

We hope you can join us either in New York City or your own hometown. Visit our Website Walk With a Friend…For a Friend http://www.smore.com/xp6e to learn more.

“Charity Miles is not just about raising money. It’s about making a statement, raising awareness, and showing your commitment to a cause.”

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