IFA2016 Refilled My Passion Bucket

Filling and Refilling Passion Buckets

Susan Beth says, “When we embark on a new endeavor our Passion Buckets are overflowing with enthusiasm, excitement and promise for what’s to come.  Eventually, business happens and little by little the passion starts to drain from our buckets.  Then, life happens and when that occurs passion tends to flood out of our buckets.  It is the very rare individual who can keep their Passion Buckets overflowing for sustained periods of time when business and life are happening to them.”

A few months ago, business happened and my passion bucket sprung a leak. It was time to make a business and life decision to continue in franchising or not.  If I wanted to continue to build my business in the franchise world, I would have to set goals, secure new clients and register to attend #IFA2016.  So I worked hard, plugged the hole and the reward was an #IFA2016 registration!

New Member Enthusiasm, Excitement, and Promise 

One of the best experiences of an IFA convention is to serve as an Ambassador to meet and greet new members. This year our new members came ready to jump in with both feet.  Ann Littman and Chelsea Saunder, SafeWay Driving franchise VPs didn’t wait until the opening session to get involved. They arrived early and attended the Marketing and Technology Committee meeting as guests. Without hesitation, they eagerly volunteered to take part in a new franchise case study to present at FranTech in October. They were found at round-table sessions asking questions and sharing their own best practices, networking and building relationships. Their energy and excitement to be part of franchising were inspiring and contagious!

They took advantage of every opportunity to learn and before joining the Franchise Bash to eat and enjoy drinks, joined me for a quick Periscope lesson.

Tim TangTim Tang, another first time IFA attendee started his career in franchising by enrolling in the Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) program. Tim was easy to find at the convention by following his tweets (@TimTang4Retail)! He did an excellent job sharing what he was learning at roundtables, educational sessions, and keynote presentations. During the closing sessions, I was totally jealous watching him with his iPhone, Bluetooth keyboard, AND a laptop, using all devices simultaneously! FullSizeRender




Passion Bucket Refilled

2016 may go in the franchising history books as the best franchise convention of all time! It is what I believe and what I heard from many attendees. Great speakers. Superb networking opportunities. Fun and rewarding Franchising Gives Back at Fort Sam Houston supporting our veterans. Productive committee meetings planning future events like FranTech. Clear and concise messages from IFA leadership. My favorite came from Aziz Hashim, incoming Chairman. “Leaders in franchising have to become ambassadors for the business model as well as their own brands.”

I entered the franchising space in 1996 as a franchisee in New Jersey moving to Texas in 2004 to serve as a franchisor and now I am a supplier.  I plan to grow my business and I am ready to do more and serve as a franchise ambassador! I guess my passion bucket has been filled again. My only #IFA2016 regret is I didn’t get to spend enough time with Susan Beth and many others!


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