Is 2014 the Year of Social Good

With assistance and encouragement from AK Stout, I incorporated the use of various apps into my daily routine that benefit charities of my choice. 

In a recent post by Mashable, Sarah Ang wrote, “A pen and checkbook used to be the only way to donate money to good causes. The Internet, however, has rejuvenated our concept of “giving to charity,” bringing about an unprecedented age of both citizen and viral philanthropy, and calling upon online communities to help those in need. This concept relies on social sharing to spread the word, and is only strengthened by the growing accessibility of mobile phones. And it continues to be a groundbreaking idea for social good.”

Not only have I found using the charitable apps good for me but I now use them in my business digital marketing strategy.

Donate A Photo App

donateaphoto mbOn a recent visit to a Florida Monkey Bizness location, I was  impressed by the employee creativity of their window art. I uploaded the picture to Donate A Photo. Not only did I donate $1 to a charity via Johnson & Johnson, the photo was used for marketing on various social platforms.

Susan Can, Johnson & Johnson reported that, “while the numbers are constantly changing, since we launched in April of 2013, we’ve had 140,000 photos donated by 11,000 users.  And most importantly we’ve seen a lot of really incredible impacts, with just a few including 85 children having their cleft palates repaired, over 13,000 children getting free eye exams, and 14 public parks restored.”

Charity Miles App

Franchise professionals contribute to local charities throughout the year but when they gather at the Annual Convention they work together donating their time to a local community in the host city of New Orleans. On Friday February 21st,  Franchising Gives Back attendees will travel to a local charter school in downtown New Orleans, William J. Fischer Accelerated Academy to take on projects that will make a real difference. Volunteers will build new planter boxes for the garden, build new picnic tables and benches and paint interior and exterior spaces.

On Saturday, February 22nd,  convention attendees will participate in the annual 5K Walk/Run. They will turn on their smartphones and use the Charity Miles app to donate their steps to one of  the 26 charities represented. If you are in the New Orleans area, we hope you will join us! FGBTransparent




During our first 2014 Social Geek Radio show we talked to Susan Can and Gene Gurkoff, Founder of Charity Miles. You can listen to the full episode via the player below. They share information about the apps,  purpose and the difference they have made by average users like you and me.


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Do you have a favorite charitable app to share? Will 2014 be the year of social good for you and more importantly for your business?

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