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Jack Monson’s blog post Tips for Using LinkedIn Video  shared a new video feature. “Many LinkedIn users can now post native video directly from the LinkedIn mobile app. Grab your phone and check it now. If the posting area now shows a video icon, then access has rolled out to you. Like a Facebook Live video, it’s easy to fire up your camera and share a video instantly or share a video already saved in your camera roll. But unlike Facebook, these videos will have business-focused content…I HOPE…”

I got super excited and opened my LinkedIn mobile app to see if I had access to the new feature.  I did! I have to try this!  Am I camera ready? Do I have a script prepared? Not really, but I did what I normally do and charged forward!

Link to post:


My simple question to viewers, “How should this new feature be used” generated the following responses:

Lisa OakLook at you Deb Evans! Always on the cutting edge!!!! This will be a great tool for franchising professionals to share ideas and brainstorm .. . . like one giant round table discussion. Franchisors can benefit by using the tool to promote brand development!

Barry CohenShare the same kind of content we share in text format: helpful, educational, informative, non-selling content.

Jack MonsonIt’s a good reason to master your elevator pitch. Can you tell your franchise brand’s story in a :30 video? Or at least tell enough that someone will want to learn more?

Christina VitaglianoI like this feature and do plan on using it for an upcoming project.

Bob CoyneMaybe something like Khan Academy for business? How to raise funds, how to start a business, how to build a website, and on and on…..?

Greg Snyder: What a great way to engage your followers….Consider it like a movie trailer, ignite interest and direct them on where to see the rest of the story….very cool.

Dan Durney: LinkedIn is becoming FB pro!

Wow! Rarely does one of my LinkedIn posts receive that kind of engagement!


What really fascinates me is the number of views and the reach outside of my network.

So ….where will all of this lead to? I’m not sure but it is certainly something to consider as part of social media marketing strategies.

What are your thoughts? Visit my post on LinkedIn and comment


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