My Three Words for 2014

I have followed Chris Brogan for years and I love his New Year ritual of sharing three words for the year that will serve as a central focus for the year to come.

Chris says, “The idea is to use the words as triggers for actions you intend to take, and maybe other actions you seek to avoid.” Wish me luck as I focus on my three words for 2014!


As parents and grandparents my husband and I do our best to create magical moments and memories for our family. Christmas was quickly approaching and we were ready to carry out the holiday traditions that have evolved over the years. It was time to get the Christmas tree. Following the tradition of having the tree ready to decorate when our daughter, Tina arrived from New Jersey was easy. Turning this tradition into a magical moment for Tina and our three-year old grandson took a little creativity. We decided to visit the Christmas tree farm and buy the best tree possible. Our anticipation of holiday magic began when we arrived home with the tree. In years past the tree would be positioned in the perfect spot in the living room to stand tall in anticipation of family decorating time. Not this year. This year we hid it  in the woods of our backyard for our three-year old grandson and his Aunt Tina to “find” the perfect Christmas tree for the family. Will this be a new tradition to add to our holiday and evolve over the years?

Creating magic for my family comes easily. The challenge for 2014, is to extend this creativity to my business. As of today, I don’t know how or when but I do know that I can create magical moments for my clients and colleagues if I put my mind to it. I am actually very excited at the thought! I’m open to ideas and collaboration as well.



The year didn’t end as I expected when it started. I’m very proud of my accomplishments in 2013 with Deb Evans Consulting. My role in franchising strengthened and continues.  What I  didn’t expect was the opportunity to add to my career focus by joining another franchise.  Building a forever company requires passion, time and most of all dedication. I’m very excited about the possibilities of rebuilding Franchise Foundry. Re-branding begins this month with a new logo and Website soon to be released! Stay tuned as we roll out our new team and new initiatives!



I will continue to give of my time and expertise in 2014. It is a fun and rewarding commitment. My friend, AK Stout, has assisted me in giving more by introducing me to charitable apps. It’s safe to say that I am a brand ambassador for Charity Miles. It’s my all time favorite app. I can give to a charity as I walk, bike or run and best of all, I’m focused on improving my own health as I give. AK introduced another charitable app, Donate a Photo. With just one photo a day, I’m raising money and awareness about a cause I care about.

This holiday season I shopped via the Wounded Warrior Project for family gifts knowing that a percentage of the proceeds were going to a worthy cause. Personally, I received a great bottle of wine  from OneHope Wine. The bottle of wine I received supports pet adoptions. Both organizations support causes I believe in and support. I’m anxious to find more organizations that I can support by giving gifts where some of the proceeds support a charitable organization. If you know of any, please let me know! Wouded Warrior and Wine


Those are my three words! May I ask that you help me focus  and act as an accountability partner? Do you have goals, resolutions or words you’d like to share?


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