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“Business networking is a socioeconomic by which groups of like-minding business people, recognize, create, or act upon business opportunities. A business network is a type of social network whose reason for existing is business activity.” Wikipedia

All true. It is why business professionals join LinkedIn: a professional social network with over 75 million users. Networking for business on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and  other social platforms are wildly popular and successful. Connecting with  colleagues and candidates on-line  increases exposure, builds social capital and relationships.

Good business is built through networking both on-line and off-line.

Don’t overlook the power of IRL

Finding the right IRL (in real life) network or business group to join is time-consuming and costly. Since starting my own business, I have attended various network meetings.  I have been selective  searching for a group that:  I am comfortable sharing my business goals, urge me to market/sell smarter, will  introduce new skills, support  and challenge my business decisions.  Last but not least a group where I can build personal relationships with the members.

Want to attend vs have to attend

Tuesdays have become the best business day of the week for me. I attend the Houston Business Executives Women in Sales (#HBEWIS) luncheon. I will spend over an hour driving to downtown Houston. Like most cities, it is not an easy drive. Despite the traffic and long commute, I am always excited to jump in the car and go!

From 11 – 1 each Tuesday: We share business goals, encourage each other to market/sell smarter, undoubtedly introduced to new skills, and challenged to make better decisions. I spend a few hours building personal relationships with a group of women that I have grown to admire, respect and call friends!

I would like to introduce the #HBEWIS members. Please connect with the women. They are strong business leaders and members of the community that can help you grow your business.

cropped go pink1


Back row:

Wendy Bowser, Gittel Tannebaum, Kelsey Nelson, Roni Sierra, Regina Cook, Caitlin Prescott, Mattison Grey, Kristen Cotter , Deb Evans

Front row:

Tangie Cooper, Sarah Shah, Camille Hamilton and Nancy Medina

Not photographed: Arquilla Hargrove, Grace Harrington, Debbie Horn, Bianca Rodriguez, Elissa Schutz and Carrie Wheeler

How do you network to grow your business? Do you have a networking group you’d like to introduce us to?



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2 comments on “Network to Grow Your Business
  1. Great perspective on networking! Many people do not understand the concept!

  2. debevans says:

    Thanks Camille. We have a great group, filled with diversity. Mattison is an awesome facilitator/leader and I’m excited about the possibilities for all of us!

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