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When BJ Emerson, VP of Technology at Tasti D-Lite and Planet Smoothie asked to interview me for his new book The Tasti D-Lite Way  I am honored to be included in the publication! BJ and I have worked together in the franchise industry speaking on the use of social technology, we have visited the NY offices of Foursquare and started Social Geek Radio together. He is a friend and a respected colleague.

I didn’t expect to be named  the “Social-Savvy Grandmother”  or that my interview would fall under the subtitle “Old Dogs, New Tricks?”   Very funny BJ!

Excerpt from the book:

What is more challenging, teaching a young, digital native good business acumen, or teaching an older person online social skills? Social-savvy grandmother Deb Evans says:

Social Savvy Grandmother

Social Savvy Grandmother

“When it comes to the older generation, they have to be taught online skills like blogging, how to use Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn for business. To digital natives, these technologies are intuitive. Even my grandson understands things like swipe versus type because it’s more natural. What doesn’t come natural to them is how to deal with a business crisis or issues with customers because they just don’t have the experience. The mature workforce is now starting to understand the need for social media, but they’re not quite sure how to use it. I think the success will be when you have your seasoned executives managing and monitoring what’s going on with social media, but they may not be the hands-on, day-to-day person. They’ve got to work very closely with the younger members of the workforce in executing the social media strategy. It has to be team-work. It has to be leaders working with their teams, guiding, directing, and facilitating what needs to be said in social media, where the digital natives will know how to execute it, but they may not understand the message itself. That’s where the leadership has to pick a role and be present.”

Tasti D-lite has a story to tell

Jim Amos and BJ Emerson discussed not just the use of social technology marketing strategies but how Tasti has used social technology to build the brand and engage their local communities. They knew Tasti had a cult like following due to an awesome product and Tasti took that following to the next level by listening and learning more about the needs of their customers. They share lessons on how they evolved the brand by using social media to interact and engage with their customers. As Jim says, “technology is the driving force but it’s all about how to use it and connect with the consumers.”

Tasti D-Lite has a great story.  The book is a must read for anyone in franchising, or business ownership  with the desire to build brand loyalty through transparency, relevancy, and brand stewardship.

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  1. bj.emerson says:

    Thanks so much for the thoughtful review Deb and for your contribution to the book.

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  3. […] Dlite: 1) BJ and this CEO just wrote/published a book called The Tasti D-lite Way that document’s the companies location-based and social media journey. 2) An early innovator […]

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