Show No Fear When Using New Apps

Do you love new apps as much as I do? Do you dive right in and test the app as soon as it goes live? Or are you more cautious and wait until the bugs are fixed and others have tested and shared best practices?

When it comes to technology, I believe in  “discovery learning”. I can’t break the internet so why not be daring. I realize there is a strong possibility that I  may embarrass myself when testing new tech but  I love being one of the first users and most of all I enjoy sharing what I learn through trial and error.

Facebook Live

I have been waiting (not very patiently I might add) for Facebook Live. As soon as the feature was available on my Facebook stream I recorded an impromptu video of  my husband flight testing his drone. There were no strategic plans or marketing strategies. I just opened the app and tested. Video here

During my  visit to Koko FitClub, Cypress franchise today, I mentioned Facebook Live and how I believe the feature would be a great way to capture client testimonials. They don’t have the feature yet so I opened Social Geek Radio Facebook page and did a live demo. Not a lot of planning but definitely fun seizing the moment and testing. The Koko team said they see the benefits and opportunities with Facebook Live to tell the Koko story! Testing was a success.




A new app (released in February) that I have enjoyed is Anchor. Anchor allows everyone to broadcast short audio clips and reply to anything they hear, creating crowdsourced and interactive radio. To date, I don’t have a strategy how I will use Anchor but I am testing. The audio clip below demonstrates how I did a “wave” promoting Social Geek Radio along with the thread of replies. I am just a beginner with only a few followers but I have listened to some “waves” with 40+ replies. Great interactive community.

I see Anchor used as mini-podcasting, audio blogging, telling short stories, share breaking news, or even mini-interviews. Users have the ability to cross-publish to Twitter, Facebook, Email and embed wave URLs on the web (as I did above).

Do you have a new technology to share? We’d love to test and feature on Social Geek Radio in our GeekItOut segment!


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