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We use various social networking platforms daily. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest … have become part of our business activity day in and day out. When I started Deb Evans Consulting I made a commitment to network IRL (in real life) at least one day a week. When I network with individuals that I believe will be valuable connections for you, I get excited to introduce them.

Last week I did a great deal of in person networking and learning.  There are a three people I would like you to meet and I encourage you to follow and/or connect. You won’t be disappointed.

Young Ambitious Entrepreneur

I was very excited to learn that CeCe Qian was visiting Austin last week so I took a drive and spent the day with her. I met CeCe  when she joined Computer Explorers last year. CeCe was born in China and came to Texas as a high school exchange student. She remained in the U.S. to pursue her college degree. CeCe told me how much she valued the opportunity to learn in the U.S. and how excited

CeCe, Computer Explorers China licensee

CeCe, Computer Explorers China licensee

she was to license the Computer Explorers curriculum and share it with the children in China.  She also said; “It is very important for children to start at a young age to learn technology. In China, learning centers are strict and more serious. The way Computer Explorers teaches with technology is fun, but at the same time kids are learning.” She will open her learning center by the end of the year. It is located in Suzhou and will be 2k square feet with seven learning classrooms accommodating at least 10 students per classroom.

CeCe will reach her 30th birthday in a few short months. She has accomplished so much in so little time. I wonder how many entrepreneurs are out there like CeCe but are too afraid to build that dream. Connect with CeCe via LinkedIn or follow her Facebook page to learn more about her and watch her success!

Free Lunch and Learn Houston Host

I have attended lunch and learn sessions before and they are a great way to network with new people and walk away with valuable content. Rachel Parker of Resonance Marketing hosted “Content: Secret Sauce of the Marketing Boss” and shared the six steps to getting started with content marketing.

  1. Know Your Customer
  2. Know Your Content Sources
  3. Choose Your Media
  4. Choose Your Delivery Methods
  5. Make a Plan
  6. Execute, Measure, Revise
She posted the entire presentation on her blog – Content: Secret Sauce of the Marketing Boss   It’s easy to connect with Rachel. She lists all of her social platforms here:

Super Smart Social Individual

Michele Price is the Founder of Social Media for Smart People. She also  hosts a weekly power packed BlogTalkRadio show, Break Through Business, and she is a team member of the Social Media Club Houston. Michele is someone that is fun to be with and there is always something new to learn when you connect. She is currently working on a project and could use your help! “Entrepreneurial and educational worldwide movement using #Braindownload to create better solutions.” She has a video to explain the project here

Michele helped me connect with the Social Media Club of Houston and I now mark my calendar to attend the monthly Social Media Club Breakfast meetings. Last week after the monthly breakfast meeting, Michele and I worked on a Houston Dance Walk video based on the idea from Ben Aaron in NY. Ben’s video can be found on this link

Here are two sneak peak video clips of the Dance Walking we did after the Social Media Breakfast Club and our visit to BARC. Stay tuned for the full versions!

What are your networking goals? Are there networking events you calendar?

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