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Effective Methods For Lead Generation

The Houston Franchise Business Network will meet July 18, 2016, at Christian Brothers Franchise Corporate Headquarters. The International Franchise Association’s (IFA) Franchise Business Network (FBN) commenced October 1996. The FBN meetings were grassroots networking opportunities for the franchise community. They

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Your Community Wants You To Succeed

I really enjoyed chatting with Dave Delaney on his podcast: “New Business Networking with Dave Delaney”. Dave was one of the first people I followed on Twitter and had the pleasure to meet IRL (in real life) after exchanging tweets. In

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Network to Grow Your Business

“Business networking is a socioeconomic by which groups of like-minding business people, recognize, create, or act upon business opportunities. A business network is a type of social network whose reason for existing is business activity.” Wikipedia All true. It is

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Networking Builds Relationships

Networking takes time, energy and commitment but it’s essential in growing a business. Networking can start online, but face-to-face events provide the opportunity to shake the hands of your online friends. Whether you are networking digitally or in person, there are

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Working From Home Is a Science

I am an extrovert! That statement is not a surprise to those that know me and understand that I am energized when I am around other people. Part of my DNA (Deb Needs Attention) is to engage in conversation rather

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