What is C Squared Social?

I had the pleasure meeting the C Squared Social team while attending Franchise Expo South. I also met with several of their clients that raved about C Squared Social services. I have to admit that I know very little about C Squared Social and how they use their expertise in digital and text advertising to create effective marketing.

With that said, I invited Aubree Coderre to join me for a lunchtime chat so I could learn more. I courage those attending the upcoming annual International Franchise Association convention to visit the C Square Social booth and meet their team.

Connect with Aubree https://www.linkedin.com/in/aubreecoderre


More about C Squared Social

C Squared Social began 7 years ago, focused on helping small retailers harness the power of social media to directly increase sales and build customer databases. They developed advanced targeting methods on Facebook, Instagram, Mobile Apps, and the Audience Network (thousands of websites) and developed a click-to-join SMS text portal that helps clients gain lasting value from every click.
Their custom campaigns support with:
Franchise Development
Franchise consultants
Same-store sales
Resell opportunities

Do you offer a professional service that you’d like to introduce?

Contact  deb@debevansconsulting.com

Special thanks to Zoom and their great video tech service.


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