What’s New In 2016

10398956_1341994909194363_5562880202032720085_nWe have recovered from the holiday festivities and ready to get back to work (not that we weren’t working in between family events and holiday parties).

2016 will be a great year building relationships,  leaving no social follower behind for our organization or those we service. Our goal is to be where customers are and no one single channel will do the trick. The odds of one lone post showing up versus thousands of others posted by customers, friends, family, and other brands fighting for attention are extremely low.

In 2016 we will continue:

  • Digital marketing consulting
  • Presenting
  • Training
  • Podcasting
  • Scoping (Periscope live video streaming)

New for 2016:

  • Creating a Social Buzz

Just showing up to a conference is out-of-date!

during and after an event. Establishing and registering an event hashtag.  Conducting recorded interviews with presenters and actively tweeting and blogging  building excitement and registration for the event.

During the event, sharing photos, videos and highlights of  sessions on multiple social channels (Periscope, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram …)  in real-time creates social buzz. Using apps to coordinate IRL (in real life) events such as MeetUp/TweetUp, or team building events connects and engages the community attending and increases visibility for the attendees.

But … attendees attend events to learn, connect with old acquaintances, network with new contacts, and absorb information. They do not have time to regurgitate information.

Deb Evans Consulting is actively engaged in a changing market of new media outlets and technology. Deb has the tools and skills necessary to capture the essence of the conversations, quote speakers, Periscope interviews, post visual content, film testimonials, and build awareness digitally.  group shot2

If you need a social community manager to attend a conference or upcoming event on your behalf, we are booking now!



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