Wounded Warrior Celebrates Life and Perseverance

Over the last few weeks I have grown to admire and love US Air Force Captain, Christy Wise. Christy has been a long time friend of my son and daughter-in-law who serve in the Air Force. During the week, they work hard for our country. On weekends (when not deployed), they spend time with their friends living  life to the fullest. Sky diving, rock climbing, wake boarding, jet skiing and the list goes on.

Until one day when an everyday sport of paddle-boarding turned life threatening for Christy.

BUT … that didn’t stop her.

I can’t begin to tell her story as well as The Washington Post. Watch the video below.

Christy’s message:

“Since my accident happened on the night of April 11th 2015, I have felt so incredibly supported- by the Air Force, from friends and family and then plenty of people I just met- including the whole town of Shalimar, Florida.  The coast guard responded quickly to the accident, the firefighters were the first on scene, and the police took weeks afterward talking to locals and pulling videos from nearby hotels, etc in the search for the boat that hit me. I feel like most people in that area in Florida have heard of my accident or were somehow involved in the events surrounding it.  So, we decided that we should do something positive with all that awareness and support!

  Christy paddle board event

We are hosting a paddle boarding fundraiser event (what I was doing when I was hit by the boat) right near the accident location.  It is my way of saying, yes this has been a life-changing experience, but I won’t let it change who I am!  I am not going to be scared of the water (or boats) or stop doing what I love.  I can take this experience and make myself better through it!  I have been so supported and loved through this and now I can use that support to help others- specifically kids in 3rd world countries that need prosthetic legs or arms like me.”


Support Christy Socially

Tweet, share the Facebook event, post to LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Meerkat, Periscope ….

I have a  small following on the social platforms but I am confident that if each one of my connections share Christy’s story at least once, her event will be a huge success.

Let’s show her that her service, and her story, mean something!





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